Aural Design is firmly established on the complementing skills of its founders.  Born out of the fusion of varied musical skills, its purpose is the creation of tailor-made music, sounds, and production of the highest quality.   Our skill set covers all aspects of music production, in a range covering song and melody writing to the final stages of mixing and mastering.  Our capacities include music for commercials and jingle writing, full-blown scores for film, intricate sound design,  and top-notch engineering.  We are a working partnership focused on delivering not only the best quality writing and production, but our incomparable value relies on our flexibility and ease to communicate and work with project developers.  Unlike larger, more impersonal production companies, our work is customized to reach the level of sophistication required by unique projects. 

  This partnership idea was conceived by composer and arranger Pablo Latapi and sound designer and audio engineer Nicolas Mariñelarena.

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